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The Sports Nutrition Association is the Global Regulatory Body Responsible for the Standardisation of Best Practise in the Sports Nutrition Profession.

The Global Body has satellite offices in the following countries:

  • Australia
  • New Zealand
  • USA (relevant states*)
  • Asia

With more countries & regions scheduled to be added in the coming years.

Prior to the establishment of the Sports Nutrition Association, there was no universal standard for:

1) The Best Practise in Sports Nutrition. This ensures the professional has both ethical and practical guidelines to follow to ensure the continued prosperity and success of the profession. This includes things such as; annual CPD (Continued Professional Development, provided by each countries’ body), and ethical codes, such as the improper promotion of MLM products.

2) Recognition of qualifications for registration, which has been a great step in the right direction for the global body. Once you have met all the Accredited Sports Nutritionist Compliance Requirements in your respective country, and are eligible to register. Your registration is recognised in every country that the Global body is established in, allowing you to travel and ‘Passport’ your registration as you do so.

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