Become an Accredited Sports Nutritionist – Fully Insured to prescribe nutrition to clients (Meal Plans, Macros, Supplements etc.)

The online Certificate in Applied Sports Nutrition is approximately 4-6 months long, with 12-modules/subjects & is the Gold Standard in foundational sports nutrition education

Without spending tens of thousands of dollars and 3+ years on traditional nutrition education models, you can complete the education you need to command more money, expand your service, and make back your investment in just a few months. This way you are able to work in a refined probationary capacity for up to 3 years before having to commit to further study, unlike these other models.

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  • Study completely online
  • At your own pace (with set assessment due dates), but tune in to watch and re-watch lectures at your leisure
  • Receive support from assessors who are ‘openly accredited sports nutritionists’ (degree qualified) with successful practices
  • 24-48 hour response time, personalised,  from your assessor during the business week
  • Become legitimately registered & insured to provide and charge for meal plans, ongoing nutrition programs & macros plans etc. for your clients
  • Increase your income and make it far more secure than a location-based business, reliant on you training people, by becoming nationally accredited and legally insured to write meal plans with this course (which is the only legitimate entry-level program for registration and insurance)
  • Study with the actual professional body that professionals register with that regulates the industry and profession.
Start Practising as an Accredited Sports Nutritionist (providing meal plans, programs, check-ins etc.) in just 4-6 months with Sports Nutrition Association’s accredited & insured program.

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Subjects Covered

1. Nutrition:
  • How to program nutrition
  • Macros and micronutrients
  • Auditing food labels and nutrition standards
  • Coaching and developing client nutritional literacy
2. Nutrition Physiology:
  • Digestive physiology
  • Digestion, absorption & assimilation of food
  • Applied Digestion
  • Digestive physiology as it relates to Sports Nutrition
3. Exercise Physiology:
  • Thermodynamics
  • BioEnergetics
  • Body composition assessment methods
  • Applied Exercise Physiology
  • Endocrine considerations of exercise physiology
4. Biochemistry:
  • Cellular anatomy & function
  • Cellular metabolism
  • Exercise Biochemistry
  • Biochemistry applications in Sports Nutrition
5. Health Risk Assessment:
  • Assessment
  • Referral Pathways
  • Triage Process & Referral Process
6. Energy Availability:
  • Energy availability explained
  • Low EA & RED-S – in Sports
7. Ergogenic Aids:
  • Ergogenic aids – evidence supports
  • Ergogenic aids – needs more evidence
  • Ergogenic aids – evidence does not support
  • Ergogenic aids and Body Composition
  • Ergogenic aids and Performance/Recovery
8. Research:
  • Critical thinking & evidence hierarchy
  • Interpretation of papers
  • Interpreting research and applying it to practise
9. Applied BioEnergetics:
  • Practical application of exercise physiology theory & principles
  • Practical understanding of exercise and bioenergetic conditions & substrate utilisation
10. Business & Service Provision:
  • Service procession sports nutrition business introduction
  • Effective coaching strategies
  • Marketing and client communication strategies
  • Sports Nutrition service provision practise tools, systems and
  • implementation explained
11. Applied Body Composition Nutrition:
  • Praital application for client settings for the following: – Weight loss
  • Weight/muscle/strength gain – Body Recomposition
12. Applied Performance Nutrition:
  • Practical application for athlete specific nutrition for:
    • Endurance athlete
    • Team sports athletes
    • Crossfit athlete
    • Strength athlete

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