Sports Nutrition is the merger of the two worlds of; Applied Exercise Physiology and Applied Nutrition Sciences, and its ongoing development and innovation.

About the Certificate

The Certificate in Applied Sports Nutrition has been reverse engineered to meet the minimum requirements for practising in Sports Nutrition.

It is the combination and synergy of applied Nutrition Physiology and applied Exercise Physiology subjects (as seen above) that forms the foundation on Sports Nutrition. Students that complete this program become eligible to register, insure, and practise as Accredited Sports Nutritionists provisionally while they ascertain through practise and experi­ence in the field if  this is the career path for them.

The majority of graduates and Sports Nutrition professionals will be working in some form of private practise, which is heavily dependent on your skills as a service provider to get clients on board and generate buy-in from clients to adhere to plans.

Rather than more traditional models the Association recognises that spending 4-5 years, and $50,000+ to become qualified and practise, only to find out that private practise (the majority of work in applied sciences and dietetics is private practise) isn’t for them. We accept that private practise isn’t for everyone and don’t intend to sell you on a one size fits all pipe dream, but if this is the career for you, we will need further study after 3-years.

A Road Map To

Certificate in Applied Sports Nutrition

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the course run for?

The certificate program runs for 15-20 weeks, depending on assessment completion and submission.

If I have done some previous study can I get credit for it?

Yes certain university subjects and other private courses are eligible for certain credit (not full) as very few universities are currently running full Applied Sports Nutrition programs at an undergrad level.

Is the course delivered online?

Yes, the course is fully online with over 10 hours of lecture content for you to view, and other practise exams & case study assignments to work on. If you are in a city where a practical is not being run during your intake, then instead of attending you are allowed to submit video evidence for assessment.

Is any prior study required for this program?

No, but if you have not attended a sports science university program then additional texts and units are required so that you understand the basic applied sciences.

What can I do with this cert?

Upon completion you will be eligible to register as an Accredited Sports Nutritionist (see registration section of FAQ for further information) as a registered Accredited Sports Nutritionist you are now eligible to insure for Sports Nutrition Programming.