Who we are

‘Ensuring the sustainable prosperity of the Sports Nutrition Profession.’

The Sports Nutrition Association is the only professional body responsible for establishing and standardising best practices in Sports Nutrition within the regions of; Australia, New Zealand, USA, Asia, Europe, and Canada (coming soon). It also provides education and Certification for Personal Trainers, Exercise Physiologists, Online Coaches & Exercise/Sports Scientists, and Clinical Nutritionists looking to add Sports Nutrition service provision to their insured scope of practice

What we do

Establish Standards – Prior to our formation, no ‘minimum standard’ for a Sports Nutritionist existed. The Association’s founders worked with underwriters to establish the framework of what minimum standards in both education & experience to be recognised to practice and insured as Sports Nutritionist looked like. What came from this was a level of competence across a range of 12 subjects & units commonly seen in Nutrition Science/Physiology and Exercise Science/Physiology programs.  From here the Minimum & Quality standards for Recognition and Professional Registration or Accreditation were established as Provisional and Open Accreditation respectively.

The levels of accreditation are outlined in the circular table below. For those who have not completed prior relevant undergraduate or post-graduate programs, the certificate provides them with Provisional Accredi­tation eligibility for 3 years after completing the program. Whereby in order to maintain Registration & Accreditation beyond this period members must pursue Open Accreditation by enrolling in (and eventually completing) either a Post Graduate Diploma or another Relevant * Exercise Science/Physiology, or Nutrition Science/Physiology/Dietetics program. Members who already hold a degree in these areas are exempt and receive full accreditation immediately upon registration.

Regulate & Educate – Access to legitimate undergraduate Sports Nutrition education is uncommon, and as a result there are a number of professionals who have not completed all the relevant subjects and relevant degree programs required to register without further study. These professionals and those who have not studied the subject matter before can enrol in the Certificate in Applied Sports Nutrition. The Certificate has been reverse engineered to meet the minimum requirements for competence in Sports Nutrition practice. It is the synergy of applied Nutrition Physiology and applied Exercise Physiology subjects that form the curriculum’s foundation. Students who complete this program become eligible to register, insure, and prac­tise as Accredited Sports Nutritionists provisionally while they work out through practising, and experi­ence gained in the field if this is the career path for them.

The education is also for those people interested in studying nutrition, or a potential career in nutrition, but do not want to commit to a 3+ year degree, investing tens of thousands of dollars to later find out it isn’t for them. The Provisional accreditation pathway allows people to first study and learn the subject matter at a foundational level and then practise in the space (in a provisional capacity) while ascertaining if this is a career for them. A great opportunity for aspiring professionals to ‘get their feet wet’.

Once education minimum standards have been met we focus on the regulation of the professional members. This is done with; annual audits, ongoing education – both 6-monthly refresher programs & annual CPD (Continuing Professional Development), additional professional development initiatives, as well as Trademark & IP protection of the title Accredited Sports Nutritionist, nationally endorsed Certification Marks of the title, and long-term applications and submissions for the descriptive title of Sports Nutritionist. This is done in conjunction with ongoing PR and Marketing so that the public is aware and protected by these standards, that presently only Accredited Sports Nutritionists are those the Association endorses from an Education, Experience, & Professional Code of Conduct perspective, and hopefully in the future, it will be the same for Sports Nutritionists in general.

The Sports Nutrition Association is not accredited with any national qualifications framework.

We are a global association formed as a result of no prior framework existing before our establishment and have an advisory board of the top researchers and practitioners in the field who in conjunction with our insurers and global underwriting firms review and update the content annually based on the latest research and insurance feedback.

Please note we do not register with any national education frameworks, as national framework accreditations typically conflict from country to country, especially in the Applied Sports & Nutrition Sciences. By establishing the Association which has a globally endorsed and insured standard we have solved this problem, which allows for recognition of members in every region where we have a regional office operating.

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